Who We Are

SV Logistics operates its own fleet of Container Trucking service with the availability of more than 30 vehicles including prime mover and trailer as well as supported by a team of professional and experienced experts. We operate our own yard with a spacious 2.5 acres warehousing area that is able to unstuff 6-7 containers per day. Moreover, we established a robust partner network that is strategically sited with fulfillments centres throughout peninsular Malaysia, Guangzhou and Yi Wu for greater flexibility and faster accessibility.

SV Logistics has its own forwarding and customs clearance broker that provides our clients a hassle-free customs clearance service. With our professional and trained customs brokers team, we are always well-prepared to assist our client in all customs-related issues and matters. Apart from having years of experience, our team constantly updated on the latest custom requirement or policy implementations to ensure a smooth and satisfied importation/exportation process.

After years of dedication and hard work, we have gained and maintained a favorable relationship with various freight and delivery authority partners and this allows us to offer a prompt and timely delivery performance.

Our Team

Lim Chek Yong

- Director -

Gary Ng

- Director -


- Chief Finance Officer -


- Head of Sales -

Ivy Hoh

- Head of Operation -

Cheong Ming Loo

- Head of Haulage -


- Head of Public Relations -

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